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IPMI‘s Virtual Think Tanks provide a platform for sharing insights, tools and resources to help drive organizational success, and are the go-to outlet for dealing with changing priorities and perspectives.
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IPMI Virtual Think Tank SessionIPMI Virtual Think Tank Session
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Canadian Labour Market Insights to Help Drive Your Recruitment Strategy
Indeed & IPMI
February 2 & 3

Hosted by:

Indeed & IPMI

A Coffee Break with the Indeed Senior Economist


Feedback from our fantastic
Virtual Think Tank Attendees:

"Not only was it informative, but I feel like it was a very healthy conversation with fresh perspectives and ideas. In this crisis, it’s good to hear from each other and provide professional support."
“I think this is the best session that I have been involved with most recently. I absolutely enjoyed it and would love to participate again.”
“It’s great to have an opportunity to learn from smart colleagues any time, but especially now. Hopefully we’ll be able to do something like this again soon.”
“I didn’t have any expectations – I came in with an open mind. I really enjoyed the session and came away feeling mentally refreshed!”
“Great ideas amongst a knowledgeable group. It validated that what we are doing is what we should be doing.”
“I loved that there were many shared “teachable moments”, resources and best practices. For me, this translates to an immediate ROI for my time spent today!”
“I was able to walk away with 5 key drivers that I will utilize within my own organization to continue to add both impact and value shared from my diverse peer group, representing diverse industries, and diverse perspectives.”
“I have LOVED being a part of your Think Tanks and getting the opportunity to hear from and share experiences, ideas and challenges with so many amazing leaders. Kudos to you for consistently delivering on your commitments. Very proud to be associated with you in this small way.”
“Got some ideas to propose with my company leadership.”
“Much of the discussion validated what we had done for managing the crisis. It was good to hear what people did and what they’re focused on…”
“Great ideas on how to plan and engage with my operational colleagues.”


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